Quantum Spirituality

What is Quantum Spirituality?

Quantum physics has turned the way science looks at the world upside down, while conservative religions resist the proven facts of evolution. Our world is full of conflict and contradictions that create inner turmoil. Now more than ever we must resolve these conflicts. Science needs faith and Spirituality needs objectivity. Within each of us is a Loving Spiritual energy that supports our lives and yet we also know that the universe operates according to law and principle. Quantum Spirituality teaches you a truly Wholistic world view that will bring an end to your dualistic thinking.

Why is it important to me?

We all view the world through the filters of our society. It is so close to us we do not recognize how it influences our lives. We know there are many problems in our world today that do not seem to be getting better. Only by changing how we view our world on the most fundamental of levels will we begin to solve these problems. This happens both on a personal individual level and on a collective cultural level. Whether you want change for yourself OR for our Global culture, the answer is the same: we must change the way we view our world for our world to change. The Quantum Spirituality seminars will change your world view.

How do I learn about it?

Richard Hartnett, H. W. M., has been teaching Metaphysical principles for over 30 years. Richard presents classes that are informative, dynamic and fun. He also works privately with individuals through spiritual counseling. You can write to me directly at: Quantumspirit@ecentral.com. Or send me a friend request on Facebook.

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