We all struggle with the emotion of sadness. It is worthwhile to ask, what purpose does this emotion serve? All emotions do serve a purpose whether we recognize that or not. Sadness is one of the feelings that is most difficult to understand. We need to start by acknowledging the truth that an emotion will not be rationalized away. But if we open our awareness and allow the emotion in, it will bring us a hidden gift. This gift will only come when we are gentle and accepting. In Greek Mythology the goddess Artemis has strong associations with the moon. In the Tarot, it is the High Priestess who sits above the Moon. Artemis is a huntress and is very active, while the High Priestess is very passive. There is a paradox here. We need to remember both Artemis and The High Priestess to deal with our emotions. Like the High Priestess we must be accepting and passive in the sense of not trying to avoid our feelings, but like Artemis, we must be willing to wander in the moon light, i.e. wander in our emotional state being feminine (Artemis is a female after all) waiting for something to show up.. As I said its paradoxical. What will show up is a new awareness, a new sense of appreciation for the gifts of life, all of which are transitory.

© Richard Hartnett,H.W.,M. 2017